"Restore the human" facilitates a real human connection to God's

 physical creation 


Why do you say, "Restore the human", here is why? 

Read this secular evolutionary biologist view on how to fix the problems in our earth"

These and other characteristics are what evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris observes in nature as Features of Healthy Living Systems. Understanding and applying these features to the design of our human-contrived systems of economics, governance, health, education, energy, etc is paramount at this time as we witness and must reconcile the demise of these systems due to the lack of these features in their current designs and structures. Doing so will immediately bring balance, wholeness and harmonization with the universal flow of energy, resulting in the stabilization and natural sustainability of humanity and all life on Earth and beyond.

source material: https://cosmometry.net/overview-of-cosmometry


Approximately 5000 years ago a worldwide flood happened, why did Our Creator flood the entire earth and kill off any animal or human that did not get into the ark? 

And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

The answer is simple, the earth was filled with hybrid humans (Nephilim) and hybrid species of animals and birds. The serpent sought to destroy the seed of the human at the beginning of creation, some people believe this was the deceitful fruit that Eve ate after the temptation by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. After all Cain did kill Abel, why did he?

Real humans were rare at the point of the Great Flood. Noah was pure human thus he was preserved by God and was guided to build an ark to save his life and the life of his family, 8 souls in total. Today these same forces are seeking to destroy the human. Some are actually trying to copy the human genome to replicate synthetic human species. These hybrid humans can not be saved from the wrath of God. 

The ancient world leader Nimrod was the architect of the tower of Babel, a tower built to pull God the Creator and Source of the Great Flood down from His fixed Throne in Heaven, which is above the firmament. Nimrod failed in his attempt but that doesn't mean that his seed would not continue to try to wipe out the human race. Why is this so? 

Read what the Lord said to the serpent after his deception of Eve?

And I will put enmity

Between you and the woman,

And between your seed and her Seed;

He shall bruise your head,

And you shall bruise His heel.”

The Creator initiated the war between the serpent's seed and the Seed of the woman. So all of human history is about the coming Seed that would bruise the head of the serpent and win the war for the earth. Those who disobey the commandment of the Lord and the hybrid seed do not have any right to the earth as well as authority over the all the things God made for humans the first week of creation.

Satan has cooped the human by taking over their will with lies and magic tricks. This work of the enemy of men will continue to the Great and Final Day when we will see the judgment of the Lord of Lords upon Lucifier and his demonic host.

Only humans can inherit the earth with Christ the King when He returns to sit on David's Throne in Jerusalem. Are you starting to understand why there is war in the earth? Can you see what entity orchestrated the COVID plandemic? That worldwide event happened along with the subsequent effort to vaccinate the entire population is nothing more than a continuation of the war to destroy the human. These attacks are orchestrated by the seed of the Serpent whose hero is Nimrod. 

FYI, The synthetic vax was a direct attack on the human race and on his or her DNA or genome. 

Humans are special and we are here to establish Christ's earthly kingdom. The King of the Earth has chosen us, His faith-filled image bearers, to carry forth the Heavenly mandate to take the Gospel of Peace to the entire earth, to every tribe, kindred, tongue, and nation. We are His earthly human ambassadors and ministers of reconciliation. We, the born again humans, are the sole representatives of His Message of Peace (The Gospel) between the God of Creation and sinful humans.  

Jesus died to restore the human back to full faced fellowship with Our Father in heaven as it was in the first days of Creation. Jesus brought us back into the Garden of Eden.


By the empowerment of the Holy Spirit we have been reconnected to the creative side of God and to the work given to Adam to govern the earth.  The Creator charged Adam with a simple mandate, be fruitful and multiply and have dominion (manage) over the earth.  

Our forefathers, those who lived before the advent of Messiah, walked before the face of the Creator with anticipation for His soon coming incarnation.  Today, with our 20-20 view of His perfect earthly life, we are a generation of souls that must repent and turn to Our King.  

Jesus set forth perfect obedience before the face of Our Father. Jesus walked in exacting submission before the face of Our Father in thought, word, and deed. Jesus did what Adam failed to do in the Garden of Eden. 

Today, all humans are invited to the marriage Supper of the Lamb, it is He through His Spirit that invites us to come to this Great day with joy and participation. This Great Day is coming very soon.

Jesus modeled faith for all to see. Thus all men are without excuse.  In our modern times we have lost the simple "walk" of faith.  In our world of high speed communication and dependency upon our technology for our survival, we have been subtly trained to look subconsciously (to men) for our survival and things seen, nonetheless we are required to turn back to God to find true life.

Our heart's desire is to maintain a place where people can come and be refreshed body, soul, and spirit.  One might read a book and let the words make a deep connection with his soul, pray and sense a full measure of God's presence confirming answers to your heart felt cries. We all need His Touch and humans need to feel real love through an honest hug. And we hope that many will read the words of God with understanding.  Our yearning of heart is that this kind of experience would be an everyday experience, and this work we seek to maintain until the day of Jesus Christ.


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