What is Human 1.0 

what is it and why so important?

Restoring the human must start with Genesis 1 & 2

In the beginning God... essential for the rising generation

Re-preach the Gospel of the Kingdom

Preparing the Way - Now is the time!


The fire of Pentecost was never intended to end before the return of Our Lord from heaven.

The winds of the first Pentecost in Jerusalem are still blowing, Everything that was given from heaven to the original disciples of Yahshua there in Jerusalem is still available to us today.


The winds of Pentecost will blow until the end of this age.

Our Confession of Faith 

My struggle to Obey God

Fire Baptism of Jesus (Yahshua) - don't leave home without it

I have witnessed over most of my adult life such an antagonism, fear, and confusion on what it
means to be “baptized” in the Holy Spirit. What we today are going to refer to as the "fire"
baptism of Jesus Christ. Signifying the life changing reality of what it means to be immersed
in the fire of the Spirit's power

My Calling to be an ambassador of reconciliation - Heaven sent

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Who are the sons of God?

"A voice of one crying in the wilderness"

2009 - Story of our Leading to Pilot Mountain - Part 1

2009 - Story of our Leading to Pilot Mountain - Part 2

2009 - Story of our Leading to Pilot Mountain - Part 3

Yahshua's final judgment of the world power system

Why emphasize so strongly "restoring the man" ?

Why emphasis "back to the Garden of Eden" experience?

This is due to the current pressure for the last 70 years to make our men weak, spineless, and sterile 

Once again,  Why Human 1.0?

Here is what they have done to set the stage for transhumanism

More vision of our Resting Place

"A Sanctuary of the Living God!"

How much authority do we have as believers in Yahshua?

The Kingdom message brings us all together!

We look forward to what the Lord will do

Our family of ten people has been led by the Lord of the Heaven & Earth to "go" and serve the Lord by dwelling in the town of Pilot Mountain, NC.

We have obeyed the Lord by dwelling in the land and have fed on His faithfulness.


Quick Tour of Pilot Mountain State Park